The Simple Way To Maintain Your Summer Highlights At Home

How do you maintain blonde highlights during the summer months in between visits to your hairdresser? One of the best ways is to use a purple shampoo and conditioner. These products are tinged with purple pigment which will counteract orange and yellow tones that build up in your hair. These brassy tones start to show… Continue Reading »

Are You Looking For A Cosmetic Solution For Thinning Hair?

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Is your hair thinning around the parting or the hairline? Are you conscious of being able to see your scalp through your hair where it’s thinning? Well, I may have the answer, hair fibres. Hair fibres are small coloured keratin strands which when applied to the thinning parts of your hair help to blend the… Continue Reading »

3 Common Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss can affect up to 50% of us at some point during our lives here are the three most common causes:- 1. Have You Checked Your Iron Levels And Your Thyroid? Around 20% of women suffer from low iron levels and thyroid disorders which are often undiagnosed and both cause hair loss. It is… Continue Reading »

Why Dry Shampoo Is Good For The Environment

Dry Shampoo is an underrated styling product and if you aiming to be as environmentally friendly as possible, you’ll be amazed at how much water you can save by skipping a shampoo a week.

Grey Matters

I HAVE GREY HAIR! I HAVE GREY HAIR! I’ve said it! I’m a woman of a certain age and I have grey hair! Like many of us, my greys are predominantly on my parting and around my hairline. There is no research to support why the greys start appearing at the front, the preference would… Continue Reading »