Last week was a record breaking week for “Hair at Home” in terms of takings, best week to date in my 4 year history. Whoop! Whoop!!

It was also a great week in terms of the reaction I got from my clients and the difference I made to them, not only with my skills as a hairdresser but through the conversations we had. The places they are in their lives and the common ground that no matter how hard things get , we are all in this together, trying our best, f***ing up as we go along but able to laugh, cry and share our experiences with each other – sometimes total strangers – picking ourselves up, having the courage to change direction and the courage to know that we learn so much from our mistakes and that by learning to  trust and believe in ourselves, everything will and is going to be OK……

Angie and I had never met before, she Googled for a mobile hairdresser in Hove and picked me from the list.  We had a good chat about her hair, she hadn’t been happy with the previous colour, the highlights were too stripey and too much weight had been taken out of her hair which had left it flyaway and hard to control.

Angie was in a rut, staying with a friend as her anti-social neighbours had made it impossible for her to continue living in her flat.  Where was she going to live? She worked in Lewes, should she leave Hove and move to Eastbourne where the rents were much cheaper? Should she leave her job? It wasn’t her dream job…

As I highlighted Angie’s hair she talked and as she talked she worked thorough her own problems, and underneath her underlying fear of change was anxiety and a little voice in her head telling her she “wasn’t good enough” (something I can relate to very well, as I’m sure most of us can). It transpired that to relieve her anxiety Angie practiced Yoga –  for those of you who know me, you know that I have a regular Yoga practice and I contribute so much of my wellbeing and physical and mental health to my regular practice – something Angie had been doing at home alone since she was 15 !

By the time I had turned Angie into a super, natural blonde and restyled her hair, she had decided she  was going to get a receptionist job at a Yoga studio so she could take her practice outside of her home and  be around other Yogi’s  and work toward doing her teacher training either here in the UK and make the leap and move San Francisco a place she loves…..


I re-trained to become a Hairdresser at the age of 32, having taken redundancy from a job in Telecoms at Ericsson.  I used my redundancy money to go traveling, with the soul mission that I wouldn’t come home until I had decided upon a new career.  I had been away for almost two years when I had a complete epiphany  in Bangkok of all places. I woke up in the worst hostel with the worst hangover and my first thought was “I’m going to be a hairdresser” and I did!  It was hard work, but I did it and now here I am my own boss, my own business and control over my life…. I am very, very lucky and I am grateful everyday for what  I have achieved…..







Goodie Box from www.balanceMe.co.uk

I recently saw an offer in the www.telegraph.co.uk to try a range of products from www.blanceme.co.uk for just £15. I couldn’t resist! These aromatherapy based products are produced in the UK and are promised to not contain, parabens, sulphates, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, dea, pegs, propylene glycol and have no artificial fragrances or colours, wow!

The box arrived and it was full of goodies! My favourite’s so far are the rose facial oil and rose hand-cream and the lip gloss that is also a really effective lip balm. I will definitely be buying balanceMe products again

Cocoa Butter

I have been a big fan of Palmers cocoa butter ever since I read a quote from a Hollywood starlet saying she used it because “men couldn’t resist the smell”… ummm, it hasn’t worked for me in that respect, but it is a lovely product and I have been loyal to it for many years, but a trip into Superdrug yesterday and Vaseline’s cocoa butter was half price £2.48 for 400ml, I couldn’t resist trying it. Its great, not as sticky as Palmers and it still smells great, even if it was only the girls in the changing room at Yoga who commented on it! #treatyourself


Dry Shampoo offer!

Batiste dry shampoo is half price in Superdrug at the moment and their own brand dry shampoo is buy one get one free!


Dry Shampoo is a fabulous and very versatile product. It not only gets  rid of greasy roots it can perk up your fringe to save you washing your whole head, add volume to hair if added at the roots and great for that ‘slept in look’ if sprayed into your hands and rubbed through the ends of your hair AND the  coloured ranges are great for blending greys when your roots need doing!

#tip YOU MUST LET DRY SHAMPOO DRY! Spray it on and LEAVE for 5 minutes before working into the, otherwise you will be left with a grey/white colour residue, nobody wants that!!
Any questions? Feel free to ask…


Seasonal Change …… Time for a Full Head

It’s  here!!! I LOVE  the sun and it’s such a relief for me, both mentally and physically, that Spring has arrived it’s also one of the three perfect times of year to have a full head of highlights.

Below is a full head that I did last week for my lovely client Anna, who on my recommendation has a full head of highlights around three times a year.

At the beginning of Spring I brighten up her hair, and her mood by placing lots of very fine highlights all the way though the hair, adding slighter lighter tones around her face, to enhance the overall brightening effect.


She will then have two to three half heads before another full head in the middle of summer to lighten up the underneath of the hair and tone down the top half that has lifted in the summer sun (!).  This ensures an even all-over colour, which is especially important at this time of year when the hair is tied up alot to combat the heat, putting the underneath on show  more.

Once the Summer has come to an end and we are cosying up for the winter with our comfort food and box sets, by the end of the Autumn – having had another two to three half heads –  Anna will be due, once again, a full head.  This time, to put some warm tones into the top half of her hair, I will add some low lights and carry those through to the underneath,  once again ensuring an even, all-over colour and keeping her the perfect “shade of blonde” to suit her skin tone as the seasons change.

The joy of highlights is that they can be adapted for each changing season, allowing you to subtlety change the colour of your hair to suit your skin tone.  As the days become shorter and we have less sunlight to enhance our complexion and natural skin tone, being too blonde can leave us feeling washed out and pale,  but when the weather starts to change again and the sun comes out and brightens our skin, and our mood we can once again go back to being much brighter blondes, and these subtle changes if applied properly won’t cause any excess damage to your hair.

Aftercare is SO important for the longevity of your colour and the condition of your hair, so it really is worth spending around £12-£15 each on a good quality shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair type and preserve your colour. It is money well spent, you will notice a difference, I promise!

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The “Bob” is back …..

…. did it ever go away?  Year after year, season after season, The Bob gets revamped and reinvented and once again for SS14 it’s had a rebirth. Spotted on the runways across the four fashion capitals for spring/summer ’14, this season’s Bobs come in all shapes and sizes, from slick and smooth to choppy and textured.

Easy to maintain, The Bob just falls into shape if left to dry naturally and is slick and presentable if blow dried and or straightened.

Sleek chin skimming bob as seen on the catwalks recentlyThis sleek, very wearable, chin skimming Bob was recently seen at the Burberry Prorsum catwalk shows.  Although a blunt cut, with gently razoring to the ends, it can be left to dry naturally with a light serum (I like L’Oreal Tecni art Sublime Shine) and then spritzed with a Salt/Beach/Sea spary (original and the best Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray) and you’ll get a easy and natural upto date look as shown below

relaxed bob So welcome back to The Bob, if indeed we ever did say goodbye….

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The History of Highlights

It was a cold, dark rainy January afternoon and I was busy lifting my lovely client Rose from a dull wintery,  mousey brown to a fabulous California blonde. As the foils went in we pondered on the story of where highlights originated, my knowledge only went back to cap highlights in the 80’s, but the subject intrigued me so I decided do some research.

I traced lightening of the hair back to the 6th Century BC when the women of Ancient Greece would lighten their hair using a homemade elixir of olive oil, gold flakes, lemon juice and pollen – sounds more lIke a perfect detox shake to me – and would then sit out and let it bake under direct sunlight.

Move ahead to 1600 and the Renaissance era.  Women applied a paste of black sulphur, alum and honey to brighten their hair in the sun, but by the 1800’s chemists had discovered that hydrogen peroxide would bleach hair without  burning the scalp. In 1907 the French chemist Eugène Schueller created the  first commercial hair lightener, Aureole, later to become the global brand leader L’Oreal.  Thanks to Lawrence Gelb, the founder of Clairol,  the 1950’s  saw the development of a one-step hair dye that could lighten hair without bleaching it which allowed women to lighten their own hair at home.

It was during the 60’s that hairdressers created the ‘highlighting’ process, using the plastic cap technique which involved a tight, plastic skull cap being taped to your face, then punctured with a tiny hook to pull out hundreds of thin strands of hair. It was an innovative technique but a painful experience for the client and thankfully rarely used by hairdressers today. In the 1970’s  hairdressers  experimented with a freehand highlighting technique known as balayage (‘sweeping’ in French) where bleach is painted directly on to the hair by hand.

Hair lightening had evolved and by the 1980’s the foiling method had developed, where slices of hair are painted with bleach and folded Into squares of aluminium foil, and still the most popular menthod of highlighting used today.

Current trends are still the ombre or dip dye à la Alexa Chung where the mid length’s and ends of the hair are lightened, creating a reverse illuminating effect and the balayage has made a comeback thanks to celebrities like Giselle favouring a relaxed, beachy looked to their colour.

The latest buzzword In highlighting is ‘splashlights’ a three inch-thick band of bleached hair that stretches horizontally from ear to ear, what would the Ancient Egyptians have made of that?

Combat moisture loss

During the winter months we tend to use heated appliances more.  Too much heat on the hair can cause further moisture loss and therefore dry the hair out even more.  Blast your hair dry and only start styling once it’s 90% dry, this will cut down on the amount of time you apply heat to your hair and help to retain moisture.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil is a great product to use during cold spells as it moisturises the hair instantly and can help to sooth an itchy, flaky scalp. It calms frizzy ends and adds moisture and shine. Apply to your hair whilst it is still damp and blow dry in for an all over treatment or smooth onto the ends once your hair is dry.  If you are dealing with a dry scalp put some argan oil on a piece of cotton wool and dab lightly onto your scalp before you go to bed and wash off in the morning. Invest in a good quality product for the best results and make sure the oil is not too heavy for your hair type www.moroccanoil.com do a lighter version of their original oil which is ideal for finer hair.