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NEW BLOG! Jo Fuller : Life

Thanks for visiting my blog page, I now have a fabulous new Lifestyle blog over at  it’s my thoughts, likes and experiences in words and pictures. #travel #Brighton #books #food #eating #beauty Please take a look Very best wishes Jo

A Weekend on the Love Boat

I am  very privileged to be on a friends British Airways Staff Travel concession which has allowed me to fly standby many a time. I rock up at the airport, check in, get a seat and jet off.  But on a recent flight to Palma, Majorca, the flight was so busy that I wasn’t allowed […]

2014 – A Year in Words & Pictures

  2014 was for me, a great year, and it started with an unwanted Christmas present from my sister. Unwanted in the respect that she gifted me an online course from Brene Brown to accompany a book she had given me about being “perfectly imperfect.” Surprisingly I didn’t take this as an insult,  I felt that I had done […]


I have just finished the 10 week beginners Comedy Improv course with The Maydays which culminated in our showcase ON STAGE in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE. It was the scariest thing I’ve done, and I expected my fear to get the better of me but it didn’t, no emotional meltdown or cock ups on […]

Grey Matters

I HAVE GREY HAIR! I HAVE GREY HAIR! I’ve said it! I’m a woman of a certain age and I have grey hair! Like many of us, my greys are predominantly on my parting and around my hairline. There is no research to support why the greys start appearing at the front, the preference would […]


Last week was a record breaking week for “Hair at Home” in terms of takings, best week to date in my 4 year history. Whoop! Whoop!! It was also a great week in terms of the reaction I got from my clients and the difference I made to them, not only with my skills as […]